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Innovation Studio

Beans Technologies, Inc
Beans is specialized in eCommerce applications and services. We create software that are used by thousands of online businesses and millions of consumers worldwide.

Code-based. Design-obsessed.

The next step of design
user experience & interface
User Experience (UX) covers usability, functionality, and navigation. Our rigorous focus in this area involves prototyping and testing of all possible solutions to a given problem. Then comes artistic creation (UI). This process seeks not only to bring a visual identity to the product, but also to serve the apps underlying purpose while ensuring the best possible experience for the user.
Our expertise
front end development
Our front-end developers use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build web interfaces responsive to all screen sizes, flexible to fit all device types, and compatible with all browsers. The end result is a product that is always PIXEL PERFECT.
Your customers' pocket
native development
With more than 3 millions downloads for our mobile apps we have a heavy background in delivering delightful experiences on native platforms. We thrill in building tightly integrated applications. For most platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.
The invisible part of the iceberg
back end development
Although it’s all but imperceptible to the end user, this is one of the biggest steps in any web-based project. The backend developer is in charge of powering all of the features on a website or a mobile app. Backend technologies are typically built using languages like Javascript, Python and PHP, among others.

Efficiency Creativity

Africa's commodity market

Mobile App PrototypeTrading

Obba Trade, Inc
In the fast growing west african market, complexity and volatility are the new normal. From logistics to operations and geopolitical to regulatory changes, risk is inherent to the entire commodity supply chain.

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